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St. Andrew's
Episcopal Church

Vestry and Staff




The Right Reverend Ian T. Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut


Charmian C. Place, Senior Warden

Christopher Rehkow, Junior Warden

James S. Vick, Treasurer

Andrea Sehl, Assistant Treasurer

William Dillon, Clerk


Vestry Class of 2019

Irene Connors

Wayne Giles

David Lindley


Vestry Class of 2020

Christine Beer

George-Ann Gowan

Jim Perkins


Vestry Class of 2021

Leila Erskine

Steve Morocco

George Potts


Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Charmian C. Place and John Barton

Christopher Rehkow and  Jeffrey West  (Alternates)



The Reverend Roger B. White, Rector

The Reverend Dr David K. McIntosh, Priest Associate

Tara Shepley, Seminarian Intern

Thomas W. Holcombe, Organist & Director of Choirs

Margaret O’Brien, Director of the Children’s Choir

Heather Scofield, Parish Administrator

Bill McLaren, Sexton

Randy Osolin, Verger



The Reverend Roger B. White is an alumnus of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.  Prior to coming to St Andrew’s, he was Curate of Holy Spirit Parish in Lake Forest, Illinois, and had taught church history in Yale Divinity School.
The Reverend Dr David K. McIntosh is an alumnus of the General Theological Seminary.  St Andrew's sponsored him for ordinaiton in 2010, and prior to his return to the parish he was Priest Associate in Trinity Parish, Torrington.  He recently served on the Commission on Ministry for the ECCT, and has been its chair for the last three years. He is also a medical doctor and has practiced in Kent for more than fifteen years, where he lives with his husband, Dan Barr.
Tara Shepley is presently a Middler (2nd Year) student at the Berkley Divinity School at Yale University. She has extensive training in Biblical studies and for many years has served in various roles at her sponsoring parish of St. Paul's in Brookfield, where her husband, The Rev. Joseph Shepley is rector.
Thomas W. Holcombe is the retired Organist and Choir Director of St Joseph's Chapel, Kent School, where he also taught theology.  An alumnus of Harvard College and Union Theological Seminary, he assumed the position of Organist and Director of Choirs of St Andrew's Parish in September, 2012.
Margie O'Brien teaches voice at Kent School and is an alumna of Hamilton College.  She also has a master's degree in music therapy from NYU. 
Heather Scofield began as the Parish Administrator in the spring of 2017.  She is a Kent resident, a mother of three, and a member of the Kent School Community where her husband Curtis is on the faculty.  Heather is also a painter and has shown her work in local and out of state galleries and venues.  
Bill McLaren has been with the parish for more than twenty years and is responsible for the maintenance of the parish house and many other kindnesses. 
Randy Osolin grew up at St Andrew's and has, for more than twenty-five years, been responsible for the maintenance of the church building as well as many other graces.